Angelo Pellizzoni, Ovopel – Italy

In 2004 Ovopel built the so far most advanced packing station ever. With a huge Omnia grader with 24 packing lanes, 8 levels of contiflow belts leading eggs to different fully automated wrapping and case-packing lines and a box palletizing robot at the end, the eggs of the company’s main brand Coccodi are carefully packed in a innovative egg packaging called Sealpack. The different requirements for branding, hygiene and automation lead to a very innovative and modern packing centre. A very challenging packing centre for traceability as well. That is why Ovopel invested in Ovotrack. Ovotrack keeps track of all eggs that arrive in the packing centre. The trolleys are scanned when they are unloaded at the loader of the grading machine. At the end of the manual packing lanes button boxes with printers assist the operators and behind the case packers printers with fully automated applicators are putting a unique barcode label on each box as well. The boxes are scanned in the box palletiser to get the connection between a box and the pallet where it is palletized. And the pallets are scanned before loading into the trucks that bring eggs to customer distribution centres or to the Coccodi salesmen that deliver eggs direct into the shop. Those salesmen have handheld PC’s with integrated scanners to scan another barcode on each Ovotrack box label when delivering the eggs.

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