Peter Chignell, Chippindale Foods – UK

Traceability is important for Chippindale Foods; the company is using a website called for consumers to check the origin of their eggs. Furthermore Chippindale Foods wants to support their contracted farmers by offering up-to-date and fast quality information about their supplies. And Ovotrack is a big help in that process. Flock specific and uniquely identified labels are printed by Chippindale’s quality manager. The drivers hand over these labels to the farmers. The farmers have to put a label on each pallet. During receiving the ungraded eggs in the packing centre, each label is scanned. The information of each label is than stored in the Ovotrack database. The label stays on the pallet and is scanned again when the eggs are put on the loader of the grading machine. After scanning the information about farmer, shed, flock-id, stamp code, unique pallet ID and laying date is forwarded to the grading machine. In case the eggs are unprinted, the inkjet system will automatically switch the code that should be print on the eggs. After grading the grading results are collected per pallet and transmitted to the Ovotrack database. Through a special developed interface the collecting and grading results are synchronised with Eggbase, which is Chippindale Food’s quality and database. After a check in Eggbase all results are published on the internet so that producers can check the quality of the eggs they supplied, very often within one working day. The farmer’s bill is now prepared as well.

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